Psychology Lab

Practical Knowledge is very essential to the trainee teachers in the case of Psychology subject along with theory. With the use of the practical knowledge the trainee teacher must know the Intelligence, Interests, abilities, personalities of an individual.
In our MES College of education We have a well established Psychology Laboratory containing all kinds of apparatus. material and special equipment which are useful to psychology practicals.

Our trainee will attend psychology practicals twice in a week with the guidance of psychology lecturer, these are very useful to the trainee to know the mental abilities like Interests, abilities, Emotions, Aptitudes of the students easily.

In our psychology lab we have the following facilities :

1.A group Test of Intelligence -Jalota

2.General mental Ability Test

3.Non- Verbal Intelligence- Sharma

4.Problem Solving Ability Test

5.Youth Problem Inv

6.Reasoning Ability Test

7.Teacher Effectivness Scale

8.Teaching Atitude Test Battery

9.A New Test of Creativity - Pal

10.Verbal Concept Formation Test

11.Non- Verbal Concept Formation Test

12.Multidimensional Personality Inv.

13.Multidimensional Motivation Test

14.Bell's Adjustment Inv

15.Teacher Value Inv

16.Study value - Ghilani

17.Introversion& Extroversion Inv

18.Clinical Case Study - Dixit

19.Depression Scale

20.Anxiety Scale

21.School Attitude Scale

22.APRC Comprehensive Attitude Scale

23.Educational Interest Record

24.Vocational Interest Record

25.Mathematical Interest Inv

26.Vocational Preference Scale

27.Rating Scale

28.Ranking Scale

29.Long Term Memory

30.Short Term Memory

Psychology Appartus:

1.Educational Charts ( set of 6 charts)


3.Coloured Photographs (Set of 10 photos)

4.Behavioural Scientist

5.Bhatia Battery Performance Test of Intelligence

6.Muller Lyer Illusion with stand

7.Galton Bar

8.Colour Prference

9.Mirror Drawing Elect.

10.Finger Maze Elect.

11.Human Maze Elect.

12.Memory Drum hand Operated

13.Tachistoscope with cards

14.Attension Board Elect

15.Finger Dexterity Board

16.Steadness Tester

17.Seguin Form Board